by Radon (Max Bogdan)
Make your pipe dream come true!
by Radon (Max Bogdan)
by Radon (Max Bogdan)


Hello everyone!

Max Bogdan ( Radon)

My name is Max. I am an ordinary guy from a
small town on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov. I live in Ukraine, Berdyasnk city.
From childhood, I loved to draw and sculpt a lot. I haven’t specially studied this anywhere. For a long time I could not find myself in life, I worked at various jobs, I was engaged in airbrushing on cars, on walls, I worked in a newspaper. But I was always haunted by the feeling that this was not my calling.

And in 2017 year a nuisance happened,

I was fired right away from two jobs, I fell into a deep depression, I thought I won’t get out. But one day I accidentally took a dremmel from a friend and decided to try it. The first day I made a small engraving. I did not have the necessary tools and equipment, but the result surprised me, as if I had already been involved in this business and I know how to do it.
Then I took a couple of small wooden boxes and made a skull out of them. So I started carving chests and boxes. I sold my first carved box at Etsy for $ 10 and was very happy lol. You know, it seems to me that what is happening in our life is not just randomness and coincidence, It seems to me that the God helped me find myself in life and gave me this chance.

I always loved to draw faces,

Max Bogdan ( Radon) and when I began to engage in carving, I was looking for where to use the carving of the heads of different characters and monsters. At first I made boxes in the form of heads, but then he saw the work of one guy, he made carved pipes. And I thought wow this is much cooler than what I’m doing, I want to do the same. Besides, there is a composition there, I can make a small character on a tamper and connect it to the main pipe. That’s cool. And when I bought the first piece of briar and tried to make carvings, I was really happy, this wood is much nicer than the rest, because it does not have coarse fibers and I can make many fine details. Moreover, it is not just a sculpture, it is a functional thing, a person can smoke it and not just admire it.

I started making pipes in the spring of 2018.

Since I drew a lot and never studied carving professionally. I thought that the thread should be like drawing only three-dimensional. I watched the works of various masters and took from each of them what I thought was necessary, yes, I reviewed many videos on YouTube. Memorized and analyzed a lot of information. Tried to figure out what works best for me.
I like different monsters and charismatic characters. I love when there are a lot of small details. Also, when it turns out to make a recognizable face, it is also very cool.

And finally!

I just wanted to say that people would not lose hope and look for themselves in life, not be afraid to take risks and try something new. Even if at first it doesn’t come out. Many have told me that I am a terrible carver, and I should not do this. Especially make pipes. My first works were not very beautiful. And if I listened to them, I don’t even know what would be with me now. But I said that God’s will is at all, and I just do something he says to me. Yes, I did not become a millionaire, but I do what I love and I am happy. Just think about it.